Yaeyama is an island surrounded with the beautiful coral reefs and mangrove forests with rich ground water, which is located southern tip of the Japanese archipelago.


And Yaeyama Chlorella is cultivated outdoors through photosynthesis under abundant sun rays, utilizing mineral-rich ground water and fresh air.
It is processed into premium Yaeyma Chlorella under rigid QC and sanitation standards with no foreign object, bacteria and other algae observed. It contains a high amount of chlorophill and the other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals well-balanced and has been made up very fresh, high quality chlorophill products.

Chlorella is a single cell green micro algae. The shape of the cell is round, and the diameter is about 2 to 10m.
Scientists believe that Chlorella was born on the earth about 2 billion years ago.
In taxonomy Chlorella is positioned Green Algae plant, Chlorophyceae, The order of Chlorococcales, The family of Oocystaceae, The genus of Chlorella. Futhermore, as Chlorella seeds it is classified into Vulgaris, Ellipsoidea, Pyrenoidosa, and so on. Yaeyama Chlorell uses Vulgaris as its seeds.
Chlorella cell walls are plunked by pressure being applied with for improving the digestibily during the blanching process.. If the walls are completely broken, the nutrients will be largely lost.

Benifits of Chlorella

1. Chlorella is a first class detoxifying agent
2. Chlorella aids Weight Loss
3. Chlorella aids digestion, constipation and bad breath
4. Chlorella Removes Alcohol from the Liver
5. Chlorella has Anti-aging Properties
6. Chlorella helps combat Degenerative Diseases
7. Chlorella Strengthens the Immune System
8. Chlorella is also effective in healing skin wounds

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